Friday, August 08, 2008

Week #135: Winner: zapxpxau

Blueberry season
Originally uploaded by zapxpxau
This Weeks Winner: zapxpxau
Week #135: 08/07

Photo: Blueberry season

BEST thing I like: I love the colour of the blueberries (it's really blue and not purple) and the frosting on the foremost scoop of ice cream.

Camera: Canon 350D with 50 1.4

What I like LEAST: I don't like the look of that second scoop of ice cream in the back which fell on its side and caused the mint leaf to fall slightly out of place as well.

Blueberry ice cream, tartelette aux myrtilles and tartelette aux framboises :)
Wild blueberries from the forest, very tasty, cannot even be compared to those cultivated blueberries which are of course much bigger but taste like water :S
Raspberries from my garden :P

This was part of my breakfast on wednesday.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week #134: Winner: S. Pitch

-- from S. Pitch - (?)

This Weeks Winner: S. Pitch
Week #134: 07/31

Photo: "Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will."

BEST thing I like: I love the colors

Camera: Canon Rebel XTi

What I like LEAST: I don't like the amount of black, I think there's too much

Friday, July 04, 2008

Week #133: Winner: ... Arjun

Marching ants -- from ... Arjun - (?)

This Weeks Winner: ... Arjun
Week #133: 07/04

Photo: Marching ants

BEST thing I like: The sense of scale with the human figures.

Camera: Nikon D200 with the 50mm 1.4D

What I like LEAST: I wish this were a sharper shot with more detail. It is heavily cropped since it was shot at 50mm and quite a distance.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Week #132: Winner: StevenSmith1

Originally uploaded by StevenSmith1
This Week's Winner: StevenSmith1
Week #132: 06/20

Photo: Avery-Oak

BEST thing I like: The timing was good, a rain storm had just blown past and I was able to catch the steam rising.

Camera: Nikon D80

What I like LEAST: There was some trash on my lens and it shows on one of the limbs just above the base on the center limb.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Week #131: Winner: daruma3

This Weeks Winner: daruma3
Week #131: 06/05

Photo: Shinto bride 1: tsuno-kakushi

BEST thing I like: It is a candid shot, straight from the camera and I love how it captures the serenity and elegance of the bride.

Camera: Canon 40d.

What I like LEAST: I should have cropped it a fraction to get rid of the little space in the bottom left corner - it bugs me!!

A picture of serenity, this lady had just been married at a shinto ceremony in Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, and was waiting patiently for the wedding photography to commence. Her hood is called the tsuno-kakushi hood and translates literally as “hiding the horns”...

Taken handheld, leaning on a nearby tree!

Made Explore 17 Feb 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

Week #130: Winner: oindypoind

Looking Up
Originally uploaded by oindypoind
This Weeks Winner: oindypoind
Week #130: 05/22

Photo: Looking Up

BEST thing I like: I love the clarity in the focus, with the contrasting bokeh in the background.

Camera: Canon EOS 400D with 50mm f1.4 lens

What I like LEAST: I haven't been able to recreate a picture of this quality since. The white balance could also do with a tweak.


Becks looking up at the fireworks going off around the edge of the Grande Place in Brussels at the new year.

As some people have pointed out the main fireworks were cancelled this year due to a terrorist threat, which was a real shame. Becks is actually looking at fireworks being launched by members of the public from around the edge, where there was less police.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday, May 02, 2008

Week #129: Winner: cmk53

the mask
Originally uploaded by cmk53
This Weeks Winner: cmk53
Week #129: 05/01

Photo: the mask

BEST thing I like: The black mask on black background... really made the colors jump.

Camera: Pentax Optio 60

What I like LEAST: Lighting was minimal... the colors are actually even more vivid than shown( for instance the red is a true scarlet).

This mask was a school project from my daughter during her Jr. or Sr. year in the highschool. I have always admired the workmanship and vivid colors. It has found a permanent place on top of the bookcase.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Week #128: Winner: Laurent V

Mr charles
Originally uploaded by Laurent V
This Weeks Winner: Laurent V
Week #128: 04/17

Photo: Mr charles

BEST thing I like: What I like in this photograph, it is that it treats of a subject which involved me personally: repatriates of Indo-China. I am myself half Vietnamese. This photo was taken in old refugee camps, I wanted to symbolize the loneliness of these old repatriates and to show the social isolation in which they live...homesickness. How the French government gave up.

Camera: This photo was taken with Voigtlander Bessa RA3, and an 21mm color skopar lens .

What I like LEAST: i f i have to work again on a technical aspect , i would try to correct the bright sky in the windows zone because it almost burn.


MR charles, half French half Vietnamese veteran of the Indochina war, i took this picture in The CAFI CAMP (Centre d’Accueil des Français d’Indochine) located south west of France .
Mr charles live in this camps since 1966.

After The shellacking Of Mai 1954, French authority, had the duty to repatriate all the fighters and their family in France Like thousand of French Vietnamese "repatriates" and not refuges, (that mean they have the French citizenship, for being married with a French, or because they served under the French Flag).
France had to compensate them financially for the matérial losses .
They just received a shelter, and a "promise of compensation" which never came!

They where supposed to stay in camps just a few month, temporary become an eternity. In April 1956 more than 1200 people, including 740 children, arrived in the camp.

The young generation left the camps and were integrated quickly with local population.

But the older stay or come back to the camp , this place was for them synonymous of a "little Vietnam"... to old to start a new life , they prefer to stay there.

©Laurent Vu Thê all rights reserved

Friday, April 11, 2008

Week #127: Winner: liquidindian

Icicle the Albino Squirrel
Originally uploaded by liquidindian
This Weeks Winner: liquidindian
Week #127: 04/10

Photo: Icicle the Albino Squirrel

BEST thing I like: I could say something about composition of lighting, but what I really like best about this photo is that it reminds me very much of my old pet rat, Tiny.

Camera: Canon Powershot A550.

What I like LEAST: The background could be darker, which would give it more impact. I suppose this could be done in photoshop, but I lack the skills. Also, Icicle looks a bit mean here. He was actually very friendly.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Week #126: Winner: R Tom Sizemore III

Fog in WV Woods
Originally uploaded by R Tom Sizemore III
This Weeks Winner: R Tom Sizemore III
Week #126: 04/03

Photo: Fog in WV Woods

BEST thing I like: I loved the 'mystery' of this photo – the way my mind is drawn to both WANT to go down the road, while yet, a little fearful of the mist.

Camera: Nikon D70

What I like LEAST: I wish there had been a spot of color in the scene. Perhaps some red leaves or rocks or glistening log without bark, etc.

Late afternoon near Clay, WV. I used a Nikon D70 in a long exposure to capture the shadows and depth.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Week #125: Winner: screaminscott

Here's lookin' at you
Originally uploaded by screaminscott
This Weeks Winner: screaminscott
Week #125: 03/20

Photo: Here's lookin' at you

BEST thing I like: I like the pose the frog struck

Camera: Nikon D70s with a Lester A Dine 105 macro lens

What I like LEAST: The tip of his mouth seems OOF ever so slightly

Friday, March 07, 2008

Week #124: Winner: R1 User

Rickety Jetty
Originally uploaded by R1 User
This Weeks Winner: R1 User
Week #124: 06/06

Photo: Rickety Jetty

BEST thing I like: I like the way the jetty leads the eye into the photo

Camera: Canon 40D

What I like LEAST: I don''t really like the colour of the jetty in the foreground .

Friday, February 29, 2008

Week #123: Winner: Matilde B

-- from Matilde B. - (?)

This Weeks Winner: Matilde B.
Week #123: 02/28

Photo: the sun never gets far below the horizon line...

BEST thing I like: The atmosphere and the water movement!

Camera: Nikon D200

What I like LEAST: Would love to have a bit more detail on the clouds but it was not possible because it wasn't there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Week #122: Winner: StangGT

The Way Home
Originally uploaded by StangGT
This Weeks Winner: StangGT
Week #12: 02/21

Photo: The Way Home

BEST thing I like: The house under the sunset glowing on the trees

Camera: Canon Powershot S70

What I like LEAST: Noise in the upper left sky that I failed to fix but will not redo.

This shot was taken just North of Lamberville about 100 yards passed this train. It is a bridge that goes over the Delaware River Canal.

This was my first time out shooting when there was a decent sunset, so I had to take advantage.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week #121: Winner: GrandWaz

Shock and Awe (by GrandWaz)

Shock and Awe
Originally uploaded by GrandWaz.
This Weeks Winner: GrandWaz
Week #121: 01/18 - 01/24

Photo: Shock and Awe

BEST thing I like: Does the job with regard to atmosphere.

Camera: A Nikon D80

What I like LEAST: Shame about the clarity of focus!