Friday, August 08, 2008

Week #135: Winner: zapxpxau

Blueberry season
Originally uploaded by zapxpxau
This Weeks Winner: zapxpxau
Week #135: 08/07

Photo: Blueberry season

BEST thing I like: I love the colour of the blueberries (it's really blue and not purple) and the frosting on the foremost scoop of ice cream.

Camera: Canon 350D with 50 1.4

What I like LEAST: I don't like the look of that second scoop of ice cream in the back which fell on its side and caused the mint leaf to fall slightly out of place as well.

Blueberry ice cream, tartelette aux myrtilles and tartelette aux framboises :)
Wild blueberries from the forest, very tasty, cannot even be compared to those cultivated blueberries which are of course much bigger but taste like water :S
Raspberries from my garden :P

This was part of my breakfast on wednesday.

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