Friday, March 31, 2006

Week #32 Winner: acastellano

The Portal
Originally uploaded by acastellano.
This Week's Winner: " acastellano "
Week #32: 03/31-04/06

Photo: The Portal

Like the Best: That the surfer is looking towards the light, which appears to me like a doorway into another realm.

Camera: Canon 10D

Like the Least: That the location is not very original, but hopefully the photo is....


Friday, March 24, 2006

Week #31 Winner: Brian Catacutan

Jordan's Toe
Originally uploaded by Brian Catacutan.
This Week's Winner: " Brian Catacutan "
Week #31: 03/24-03/30

Photo: Jordan's Toe

Like the Best: Subject matter

Camera: Canon Rebel 300D

Like the Least: More details in the foot


Another photograph of my niece Jordan with her snail on her big toe. I got a really positive response from the "World's Most Daring Snail" photo earlier in my stream. I think I'll start a set dedicated to snails. Stay tuned for more and feel free to give me more ideas for photos...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Week #30 Winner: Wayfaring Stranger

This Week's Winner: " Wayfaring Stranger "
Week #30: 03/17-03/23

Photo: Sunset at Traveller's Inn

Like the Best: That I captured the colors of the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen.

Camera: Nikon coolpix 770 (sunset setting).

Like the Least: That this photo hasn't won any of these dang contests! (although the #1 spot on the Explore page was great for a minute!)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Week #29 Winner: kandavu99

Originally uploaded by kandavu99.
This Week's Winner: " kandavu99 "
Week #29: 03/10-03/16

Photo: Bagan Sunrise V!!

Like the Best: I found some of the mystique I was searching for.

Camera: HP R707

Like the Least: Is not knowing whether having used a superior camera at the time would have made a better picture.

Week #28 Winner: bubba trout

It's a Small World
Originally uploaded by bubba trout.
This Week's Winner: " bubba trout "
Week #28: 03/03-03/09

Photo: It's a Small World

Like the Best: The idea and the sparkle at the top of

Camera: Nikon 8700

Like the Least: The too bright part at the thumb.

It's a Small World

The world is in your hands. What are you going to do wih it?

Week #27 Winner: Fantasyfan

joulukuu5 2005 164b
Originally uploaded by Fantasyfan.
This Week's Winner: " Fantasyfan "
Week #27: 02/24-03/02

Photo: joulukuu

Like the Best: I was having one of the best new years of my life :) And it came even better because of perfect time of taking photos.

Camera: Canon Powershot S50

Like the Least: I hate those spots because of high ISO


Path to the sauna. You can now see the shadow of sauna and light from the window. Snow is new and untouched.

Week#26 Winner: aaardvaark!

Vincent van Gogh goes to town
Originally uploaded by aaardvaark.
This Week's Winner: " aaardvaark "
Week #26: 02/17-02/23

Photo: Vincent van Gogh goes to town

Like the Best: The sky and the intensity of Vincent's apparent mission (that's two things, I cheated, but I can't say one without the other).

Camera: Canon 300D

Like the Least: Maybe would like some more light under the rim of his hat.

Vincent van Gogh goes to town

He looks worried, but a man with a mission.

Week#25 Winner: kagoo_bythesea!

Reviewing the Fleet
Originally uploaded by kagoo_bythesea.
This Week's Winner: kagoo_bythesea
Week #25: 02/10-02/16

Photo: Reviewing the Fleet

Camera: Minolta DiMAGE 7i

Reviewing the Fleet

Taken on the ferry between Ryde (Isle of Wight) and Portsmouth, during the Queens review of the Fleet for the Battle of Trafalgar celebrations.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Week#24 Winner: marcŧ!

see what she sees
Originally uploaded by marcŧ.
This Week's Winner: marcŧ
Week#24 - 02/03-02/09

Photo: See what she sees

Likes: The reflection on the eye

Camera: Powershot S2IS

Dislikes: I could've come up with a better title.

See What She Sees!

Week#23 Winner: Tampen!

The coolest dude in Harlem
Originally uploaded by Tampen.
This Week's Winner: Tampen
Week#23 - 01/27-02/02

Photo: The coolest dude in Harlem

Likes: The story of how I took the shot (on photo caption)

Camera: Canon 20D

Dislikes: The reflection on his glasses.

The Coolest Dude in Harlem

He was sitting in the window of Starbucks on 125th Street in the heart of Harlem, New York City, and I couldn't stop myself. I went in and told him he had a great tie, and could I take a picture ?

He replied: "300 bucks".

I laughed and said I was English and couldn't manage that (as if being English had anything to do with it).

He pretended to be disappointed, and said, "OK, go ahead, but you're stabbing me in the back". I fired off a dozen shots in case he changed his mind, and he started chanting to the crowd around us " He's stabbing me in the back, he's stabbing me in the back".

Then he laughed and I got this shot.

Week#22 Winner: The Cats Jungle!

Picture removed from flickr
This Week's Winner: The Cats Jungle
Week#22 - 01/20-01/26

Photo: Jahari

1. Likes: I love how Regal Jahari looks in this picture.

2. Camera: Nikon D70

3. Dislikes: I do not like the shadow of the leaf on him at the bottom of the picture on the right side.


Picture taken at the San Francisco Zoo.

Camera: Nikon D70
Lens: Nikon - 70-300mm F4-5.6 'G' Autofocus Zoom Lens

Week#21 Winner: DeeperSea!

Orr's Island
Originally uploaded by DeeperSea.
This Week's Winner: DeeperSea
Week#21 - 01/13-01/19

Photo: Orr's Island

1. Best thing: Balance of sky and foreground

2. Camera: Nikon D70

3. Worst thing: House at left of frame

Orr's Island

Orr's Island, Maine

Week#20 Winner: Tim Moss!

Leopard feeding
Originally uploaded by Tim Moss.
This Week's Winner: Tim Moss
Week#20 - 01/06-01/12

Photo: Leopard feeding

1. Best thing: Backlighting of the hair and whiskers

2. Camera: Nikon D70s

3. Worst thing: There is a small piece of meat on the front-most paw that annoys me every time I see it! Guess I should edit it out some day..

Leopard feeding

Okonjima, Namibia

Week#19 Winner: ozczecho!

Ms Blue Eyes
Originally uploaded by ozczecho.
This Week's Winner: ozczecho!
Week#19 - 12/30-01/05

Photo: Ms Blue Eyes

Like about photo: The striking blue eyes, and how the right hand is delicately placed.

Camera: D70 with 50mm f1.4

Dislike about photo: If I could take the same picture again, I would get closer - approx 20% of the actual image was cropped out.

Week#18 Winner: sebatl!

Desert Rainbow 3
Originally uploaded by sebatl.
This Week's Winner: sebatl
Week#18 - 12/23-12/29

Photo: Desert Rainbow

Like about photo: The crazy clouds, the rainbow, the overall scene.

Camera: Canon Rebel XT.

Dislike about photo: It was very windy that day and the photo could be sharper, especially in the foreground.

Desert Rainbow 3

Mammatus clouds and rainbow in Arches national Park (Utah).

Week#17 Winner: Protection Island!

She came back
Originally uploaded by Protection Island.
This Week's Winner: Protection Island!
Week#17 - 12/16-12/22

Photo: She came back

Like about photo: I like the action

Camera: Nikon D70 500 mm Mirror Lens

Dislike about photo: I wish had slightly more depth of field.

She came back

She has been banded at some point.

Sweet 16

Sweet 16
Originally uploaded by Shavar.
16 past winners from our weekly photo contest at our 200 Views Group.

August 26-December 9, 2005

Week#16 Winner: Devesh Uba!

Originally uploaded by Devesh Uba.
This Week's Winner: Devesh Uba!
Week#16 - 12/9-12/15

Photo: Innocence

Like about photo: The incredible genuine smiles

Camera: Nikon F-55

Dislike about photo: The boy not smiling


These beautiful Faces are from a primary school in western Rajasthan.
Captured from Nikon F-55
Film : Fuji Pro (100)
Lens : Tamron 70-300 mm

Week#15 Winner: Kaddy!

Landing Sequence
Originally uploaded by Kaddy.
This Week's Winner: Kaddy!
Week#15 - 12/02-12/08

Photo: Landing Sequence

Like about photo: Capturing a moment using patience and observation.

Camera: Pentax *ist DS

Dislike about photo: Not being able to capture successive frames and hence having to stitch together a non-contiguous sequence.

Landing Sequence

Finally put the images together for this sequence.

Week #14 Winner: äRRä!

Originally uploaded by äRRä.
This Week's Winner: äRRä!
Week#14 - 11/25-12/01

Photo: Staircase

Like about photo: I like the resemblence of the staircase to an eye

Camera: Sony DSC-T3

Dislike about photo: I wish I had dared to go down to the very bottom floor and lie down on the ground (hmmm, on the library tables!) to get the full perspective of the "eye".

Week#13 Winner: allanimal!

Originally uploaded by allanimal.
This Week's Winner: allanimal!
Week#13 11/18-11/24

Like about photo: Normally when I take picturs, I think to myself "this could be interesting". When I took this one, it was the first time I can remember that I just knew it. People on Flikr seem to agree.

Camera: Nikon D100

Dislike about photo: A couple things. I like the result, but it still doesn't capture the feelings I had while I was there like I hoped it would. Also, it is nowhere near as great as some of the other photos submitted for this contest.


The Jewish cemetery in Worms

Week#12 Winner: -sou-!

behind the LOVE
Originally uploaded by -sou-.
This Week's Winner: -sou-!
Week#12 - 11/11-11/17

Photo: behind the LOVE

Like about photo: I like headlights' reflection on the sculpture's surface.

Camera: Panasonic DMC-FX8

Dislike about photo: noise caused by long exposure

Week#11 Winner: wam mosely!

Big hug
Originally uploaded by wam mosely.
This Week's Winner: wam mosely!
Week#11 - 11/04-11/10

Photo: Big Hug

Like about photo: The emotion I managed to catch in the photo. The feeling this photo brings to me.

Camera: CASIO QV-R61

Dislike about photo: The feet in the bottom right corner. I posted the photo before I had any idea about PS, so I didn´t do anything about them.

Week#10 Winner: isolano!

Originally uploaded by isolano.
This Week's Winner: isolano!
Week#10 - 10/28-11/03

Photo: Simplicity

Like about photo: The simplicity of the composition and colors.

Camera: Nikon Coolpix 3200

Dislike about photo: Sorry for not being modest on this one, but I can't find anything that I don't like here..


Side door of my neighbourhood church.

Week#9 Winner: 'Ana!

On my way...

This Week's Winner: 'Ana!
Week#9 - 10/21-10/27

Photo: On my way...

Like about photo: I love the colors, and lines

Camera: HP 635

Dislike about photo: I think it would be a better shot if my camera was better.

Week#8 Winner: dotlyc!

Fall leaves 2
Originally uploaded by dotlyc.
This Week's Winner: dotlyc!
Week#8 - 10/14-10/20

Photo: Fall leaves 2

Like about photo: I like the backlighting and shadows on the leaves, their color and the contrast with the background

Camera: Canon Powershot A85

Dislike about photo: there are some oversharp edges on a couple of leaves.

Fall leaves 2

See my Autumn set for all my red leaf pictures.

Today I drove by the tree that gave me this wonderful photo op. It really did get an early start on fall. Sadly, its leaves are almost all gone now -- even though nearly every other tree on the street is still green.

Week#7 Winner: goldmanoz!

reflecting on life
Originally uploaded by goldmanoz.
This Week's Winner: goldmanoz!
Week#7 - 10/7-10/13

Photo: reflecting on life

Like about photo: i think the reflection is beautiful

Camera: canon 10d tamron 90mm f2.8 macro

Dislike about photo: the area directly behind the frog is maybe a little bright, have toned down as much as possible.

Reflecting on Life