Friday, February 29, 2008

Week #123: Winner: Matilde B

-- from Matilde B. - (?)

This Weeks Winner: Matilde B.
Week #123: 02/28

Photo: the sun never gets far below the horizon line...

BEST thing I like: The atmosphere and the water movement!

Camera: Nikon D200

What I like LEAST: Would love to have a bit more detail on the clouds but it was not possible because it wasn't there.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Week #122: Winner: StangGT

The Way Home
Originally uploaded by StangGT
This Weeks Winner: StangGT
Week #12: 02/21

Photo: The Way Home

BEST thing I like: The house under the sunset glowing on the trees

Camera: Canon Powershot S70

What I like LEAST: Noise in the upper left sky that I failed to fix but will not redo.

This shot was taken just North of Lamberville about 100 yards passed this train. It is a bridge that goes over the Delaware River Canal.

This was my first time out shooting when there was a decent sunset, so I had to take advantage.