Friday, June 20, 2008

Week #132: Winner: StevenSmith1

Originally uploaded by StevenSmith1
This Week's Winner: StevenSmith1
Week #132: 06/20

Photo: Avery-Oak

BEST thing I like: The timing was good, a rain storm had just blown past and I was able to catch the steam rising.

Camera: Nikon D80

What I like LEAST: There was some trash on my lens and it shows on one of the limbs just above the base on the center limb.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Week #131: Winner: daruma3

This Weeks Winner: daruma3
Week #131: 06/05

Photo: Shinto bride 1: tsuno-kakushi

BEST thing I like: It is a candid shot, straight from the camera and I love how it captures the serenity and elegance of the bride.

Camera: Canon 40d.

What I like LEAST: I should have cropped it a fraction to get rid of the little space in the bottom left corner - it bugs me!!

A picture of serenity, this lady had just been married at a shinto ceremony in Meiji Shrine, Tokyo, and was waiting patiently for the wedding photography to commence. Her hood is called the tsuno-kakushi hood and translates literally as “hiding the horns”...

Taken handheld, leaning on a nearby tree!

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