Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sweet 16 set #3 - 200 Views Past Contest Winners!!!

16 past winners from our weekly photo contest at our 200 Views Group. Be sure to join our group and enter the contest today!

Note: Photo must have a least 200 views to enter. See other contest and group rules at: 200 Views
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1. Parallel Lines, 2. Together, 3. Elegance, 4. Ruins in the wind..., 5. tap water, 6. ANZAC: Still, 7. Little Diablo, 8. It's a Bee's World, 9. Grandpa, 10. sunrise-of-Seven-star-lake, 11. Running through strings, 12. Geisha 1, 13. Soundwaves, 14. * Odee *, 15. Tursachan Chalanais, 16. The girl with the sun in her hair

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Week #49 Winner

The girl with the sun in her hair
Originally uploaded by Olly C.
This Weeks Winner: Olly C
Week #49: 07/27-08/02

Photo: The girl with the sun in her hair

Like the Best: The glint above her shoulder

Camera: Canon Powershot A80

Like the Least: The asymmetry of her arms.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Week #48 Winner

-- from cjcampbell - (?)

This Weeks Winner: cjcampbell
Week #48: 07/20-07/26

Photo: Tursachan Chalanais

Like the Best: Probably how the aged treatment evokes an ancient atmosphere

Camera: A Sony Cybershot DSC-N1

Like the Least: The composition could be better and the uneven horizon and varying straightness of the stones leads to a degree of imbalance - it makes the image look a bit squint possibly.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Week #47 Winner:

* Odee *
Originally uploaded by -lecheel-.
Congrats to This Weeks Winner: -lecheel-
Week #47: 07/13-07/19

Photo: * Odee *

Like the Best: Low right corner spray and intense colors

Camera: Canon EOS630 Kodak E100VS Slide

Like the Least: Detail in left lower corner a little dark

Friday, July 07, 2006

Week #46 Winner

-- from cszar - (?)

This Weeks Winner: Cszar
Week #46: 07/06-07/13

Photo: Soundwaves

Like the Best: The lighting

Camera: Nikon D70

Like the Least: The line at the bottom isn't straight